02 building at 5pm

While i’m waiting for the evening class on this Friday






I’m alone on a bicycle for two

Kohyor viewpoint

Thank you mr.xxx for taking me to this place. I really appreciate that!

Kohyor view from Kudhi Temple

nun in temple

Jedi in the temple

The temple is underconstruction

monks cubicle

sunset view at Kohyor viewpoint

วันไหว้ครู 1/59

Chinese girls, Indonesian girl and Thai teachers


our students work

futuristic one, I like it!


Wednesday morning!


where are you going?

There you are!

Work out

We worked out at Tangkuan foothill. I like the scenery here.

left and right

green pond

push and pull

enjoy working out

walk and walk

can you see the bird flying

green and peace

sit up


ตอนที่เธอวิ่งบนกำแพงริมทะเลสาบ เสื้อเชิร์ตของเธอปลิวไสว เธอกางแขนออกเหมือนปีกนก ฉันมองแผ่นหลังของเธอ และนึกอิจฉาในความอิสระของเธอ…

ทันใดนั้นนัยน์ตาของฉันก็ร้อนผ่าว มันพร่ามัวนิดหน่อย แต่ฉันต้องรีบกลืนมันเข้าไปตอนที่เธอหันมายิ้มให้ฉัน และฉันก็ยิ้มให้เธอ

Fishing dork at Songkhla lake

Today I was really enjoy the time at Songkhla lake. I’ve never been at fishing dork before, thanks to mr.Twitty, I feel like a tourist despite this is my hometown.

i’m fishing, i’m fishing

Rat island

cloud in a row

the fishing dork

back home

Join ISOL camp on the top of the hill

I can’t remember when was the last time i wen to Songkhla zoo. I almost have no idea what the place is like. Thanks to ISOL camp, it brought me there again. That night i was invited by Dr.Kantarin to be an audience of the group presentations. The zoo is located on a hill, there was a restaurant there with a great view of Songkhla city. I feel amazed!

Evening view at top of Songkhla zoo

Songkhla sign

it’s getting dark and the lights are on

breezy reastaurant

enjoy the view while having dinner

city night view

selfie with the view!

Travel around the city with Pokemon GO!

The first day we downloaded ‘Pokemon Go’ we just followed the pokemon stop right away. Luckily, our home is in the heart of city and near Songkhla landmarks so we don’t have to go far away from home, there are plenty of Pokemon stop nearby. The fisrt stop is at the temple just in front of our home. That day we travelled around Songkhla.thanks to the game, it dragged us out of the house! Lol.

Okay let’s me help you take a photo

One of the Pokemon stop that I’ve been always take it for granted

Another totem

Locals who never taken photo with this landmark

She tried to find a pokemon

we’ve got a blast!

it was such a great day!