Travel around the city with Pokemon GO!

The first day we downloaded ‘Pokemon Go’ we just followed the pokemon stop right away. Luckily, our home is in the heart of city and near Songkhla landmarks so we don’t have to go far away from home, there are plenty of Pokemon stop nearby. The fisrt stop is at the temple just in front of our home. That day we travelled around Songkhla.thanks to the game, it dragged us out of the house! Lol.

Okay let’s me help you take a photo

One of the Pokemon stop that I’ve been always take it for granted

Another totem

Locals who never taken photo with this landmark

She tried to find a pokemon

we’ve got a blast!

it was such a great day!


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I'm ARTS / Chinese major/ Sunshine give me energy / Raining is my stage chorus / Books and movie take me to another world / Beautiful photos and good music relief my stress / Drawing is what I like ^^

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