Little Happiness of the day that filled my whole little heart


Today I went to CU because I had an appointment with Aj.Hathai, after talking about my proposal. I and Ae walked to Siam together, then we separated, I headed to Chula Book Center Siam square. I bought 3 books which are ‘จริงตนาการ’, ‘อรรถศาสตร์เบื้องต้น’ and ‘วัจนปฏบัติศาสตร์’ and I got 71.50 baht discount! 😀

It was about 1.00 pm at that time and I was very hungry but I didn’t want to eat alone in Siam square. I called Tiu, asked her if she had lunch yet? the answer was ‘no’, So we went to Terminal 21 to fill up our empty stomachs. We decided to eat at ‘Piri Pri flaming chicken’, we found that the Menu here all looks delicious, then we ordered Caesar Salad, Piri Piri half sized chicken (it’s a Portuguese styled grilled chicken?) and Creamy herb chicken Spaghetti. Portuguese styled meal is a new thing for me, the smell of sauce is quite like Thai seafood sauce, and its taste is just a bit spicy, the Portuguese lunch today gave me good impression. I think the food here is Okay, I like it. While eating, we’re talking. I like our topic today, it’s about ‘nostalgia’ — what we had played when we were young, what children songs we had sang in primary school, and the revolution of computer we had experienced (it began since DOS to the era that we connected internet loudly via telephone line). We found that imagination is very important for our way to play, even a large box could make us fun, it can be my toy, at that little age, just sat in a large box and push one side of the box until we fall down to the floor was very fun!

The lunch finished about 3.00 pm. because it’s quite a large meal for two and the price was not small too. Then Tiu took me to Srinakharintwirot University, a nearest boat landing are there, I like the atmosphere here, the building shape and style here are difference and the environment is good to do many activities. We said goodbye at the boat landing. Thank you Tiu for sharing us a peaceful and happy moment today. ^^


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I'm ARTS / Chinese major/ Sunshine give me energy / Raining is my stage chorus / Books and movie take me to another world / Beautiful photos and good music relief my stress / Drawing is what I like ^^

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