Dinner with Zhangning laoshi >< and I love her

Today is awesome!

My stomach got problem since yesterday, until now, I still don’t know what is the cause!

Today morning I went to BRK building, 3 mins late, because of my naughty stomach. The examination for Chinese M.D.  is not that hard. I just didn’t prepared well in the part of Chinese grammar, so there were many blank areas in my answer sheet, however in the part of Chinese literature, I could do it all! Wooohoooo!!!!

Actually I had promised Zhangning laoshi that I’d take my illustration for Li Bai’s poem to the building, but because of my stomach, I forgot everything. I disappointed her, I extremely felt guilty that I later knew that she went to BRK just because of my promise!

At 2 p.m. I went to Fuji restaurant and had after-lunch with my sister.

At about 5 p.m., I copied the illustration and took them to Zhangning laoshi’s room (520), then I stood at her door and handed her the papers, she took them and said “come in, please”.

To say the truth, I didn’t feel uncomfortable but quite surprised my destiny… ha ha! We talked about the test and my scholarship and our life now and bla bla bla…,and then laoshi stood up and said “Would you like to have some fruit?” then she chopped a guava for me and let me ate, at first she let me chopped it, but I can’t, I felt so embarrassed but fortunately, she understood nowadays kids! (Ha!). The guava is sweet and I like it!

We watched TV, there were news about ‘Huge Tsunami(8.8) hits Japan’, it’s very scary!!

And when I told laoshi about my stomach, she rapidly stood up and switched the air-conditioner off, because cold air is not good for stomach. Look! How sweet she is!

I noticed that the sky became so gray, it’s time to go, then I said that It’s so great to be here and I was happy that I talked with her in Chinese, and I thanked her. Laoshi also thanked me, and then she lifted up her pot lit, there were red boiled grains inside, “Do you wanna try it?” then she invited me to have dinner with her and how can I rejected it!!!! I rapidly said “of course  I wanna try!” , then she done me a bowl of ‘chopped cucumber and onion with Chinese sour sauce’ and she fried me a dish of ‘stripped potatoes’! She said she really like to eat potato, she long for eat it but she couldn’t take it all alone, it’s too much for a person to eat. Then because of my present today, she did it! Oh! poor my teacher! she must be so lonesome!!!

We had dinner together in her room and we talked about this and that, I often made mistake, for examples ; I said wife instead of husband, I said kilograms instead of kilometers! poor me!

I love the ‘red boiled grains’ and ‘fried stripped potatoes’. They’re delicious!

She said if I couldn’t eat them all, It’s Okay, I shouldn’t torture myself.

Again! She was being so nice again!

The unexpected super great awesome moment gone by and I think: “How come I was there!”

I love today!

I love having such a wonderful dinner with a super lovely Zhangning laoshi!

I love her warmed homemade dinner!

I love our Chinese conversation!

I love being her student!

and I love her … Zhangning laoshi!


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I'm ARTS / Chinese major/ Sunshine give me energy / Raining is my stage chorus / Books and movie take me to another world / Beautiful photos and good music relief my stress / Drawing is what I like ^^

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